We Believe In Giving Back!

Singh Contracting stays involved with many local charities

Billings and its surrounding communities have shown such amazing support for Singh Contracting that it became apparent and important early on for Singh Contracting to build community giving into its business model.

It’s so fun to be a part of youth activities and see the excitement and dedication young people in this community put toward their teams and practice. And we are passionate about developing Billings alongside other community partners and endeavors to highlight what it great about where we live.

Our employees and customers believe in this philosophy as well and are honored to participate in all these events, a few of which are listed here!

St. Vincent Children’s Call for Kids

St. Vincent Children’s Call for Kids

A 1-day radiothon hosted by Cat Country 102.9 takes donations over the phone to listeners who call-in throughout the day to donate. The proceeds from this event benefit the Children’s Healthcare program which provides intensive and specialty care services to children in Montana and Northern Wyoming. St. Vincent Call For Kids.

Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site

Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site

An initiative of the Billings Chamber of Commerce, this site is dedicated to Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly, a renowned guide, explorer and soldier. His travels and military assignments took him from New York to Montana, where he wished to be laid to rest. This long-awaited project was finally brought to fruition and completed in 2017 thanks to the Chamber committee, chaired by Billings’ now Mayor, Bill Cole and the generous donations from many. Singh Contracting, Inc. among them. Please visit the site located in Swords Rimrock Park. Yellowstone Kelly.

MSU Billings – Yellowstone Science & Allied Health Building

The expansion of the Yellowstone Science & Allied Health Building is essential to meeting the needs of the region. With its location in the heart of the medical corridor of our city, it is important to appeal to and retain graduating students, with incentive to continue to live and work in Billing. Enhancing the buildings research capacity, upgrading technology and attracting research-oriented faculty will help reach that goal. Singh Contracting is excited about this prospect and anxious to see plans unfold for a progressive and high-tech building Billings can be proud of! MSU Billings Foundation.

Other Local Organizations We’re Involved With:

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